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Dogs with Dog Walker

This blog is written by an actual licensed California lawyer whose greatest joy in law school was taking Constitutional Law.  The blogger then went on to become a teaching assistant for their Constitutional Law professor and had a really, really great time doing it.  Maybe more fun than was really warranted.  (Pretty nerdy, amirite?)  So it's fair to say that this nerd has a pretty unhealthy obsession with the U.S. Constitution, the lawsuits that are filed to enforce it, and the sometimes wacky people who bring those lawsuits.

By the way, in case you're wondering why I have such random pictures on my blog that have nothing to do with law or the Constitution:

1.  They were free

2.  I couldn't find any free pictures that had anything to do with law or the Constitution

3.  Pictures of me doing the things that are really a part of this blog would be me hunched over 100 page Supreme Court decisions.  And that would be too sad.

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